Pros and Cons of Professional Teeth Whitening

Pros and Cons of Professional Teeth Whitening

August 1, 2022

Everyone desires whiter and brighter teeth because it makes their smile appear more appealing. Unfortunately, many people have tooth discoloration for various reasons, from having colored foods and beverages, infections, injuries, et cetera.

If you are a victim of tooth discoloration, you could be looking for teeth whitening near you to brighten the color of your teeth and have a beautiful smile. You might search for teeth whitening remedies from supermarkets or drugstores despite having information that dentists provide the best whitening treatments because of dental anxiety or the higher prices charged by dentists.

The choice of how you want to get your teeth whitened is entirely your discretion, especially if financial constraints bother you. However, if they don’t, you must consider treatments offered by the dentist near you by understanding the benefits and downsides of teeth whitening by dentists.

Teeth Whitening Explained

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure to lighten the existing color of your teeth by several shades, making them appear brighter and whiter. When whitening your teeth, dentists do not use whitening agents; instead, using bleaching agents to lighten extrinsic and intrinsic stains on your teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments are entirely painless and require about 90 minutes at the dentist’s office to get better-looking teeth instantly. The treatment offered by dentists is safe and effective and lightens the color of your teeth without needing anesthesia or other numbing agents. Although a dental professional provides the treatment, it helps if you inquire about teeth whitening treatments in advance to understand the benefits and downsides of treatments performed by qualified dental professionals. You can make an informed decision about which treatment suits your requirements the best when you have detailed information about all cosmetic treatments that help enhance the appearance of your smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening Pros

The most significant benefit of the professional teeth whitening in Los Angeles is primarily cosmetic, states the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry. Research reveals approximately 96 percent of adults think they become more appealing to members of the opposite sex. Seventy-four percent of adults believe an attractive smile makes them candidates for career success. People also appear confident when they begin to display beautiful smiles without trying to restrain themselves.

Teeth whitening treatments provided by dentists can deliver instant results when receiving in-office therapies and allow patients to maintain the effects of the therapy using at-home whitening trays that help keep your teeth brighter for longer. Unfortunately, while people can purchase hundreds of whitening remedies over-the-counter or online, the results delivered by such products are minimal and slow. Therefore if you desire a safe and effective teeth whitening remedy giving you brighter teeth in just over an hour, you must consider professional teeth whitening treatments from the dentist nearby.

Professional Teeth Whitening Cons

Dentists are the undisputed leaders in providing teeth whitening treatments that provide immediate results. However, they also have some drawbacks that you must understand before considering teeth whitening treatments.

Dentists use safety precautions to ensure they don’t damage your soft tissues by providing protective care when using hydrogen peroxide over your teeth to whiten them. However, accidents can and do happen even when you receive whitening treatment from experienced dentists. In such cases, you will likely experience tooth sensitivity and irritated gums. Although temporary, you might not experience comfort until the irritation subsides. Reports are also available indicating that the higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide can cause a burning sensation in the throat and upset stomachs.

Teeth whitening treatments provided by dentists are ineffective on dental restorations such as veneers, crowns, and fillings. Dentists recommend alternative treatments that deliver better results if you have discoloration from injuries, infections, or medications.

Dentists provided teeth whitening treatments are more expensive than products available over-the-counter. You will likely spend $ 650 for a treatment delivering instant results but lasting merely for a short period. How much time your teeth remain white depends on your dental hygiene practices, diet, and how well you care for your teeth. You might require repeat whitening treatments every few months to ensure the brightness of your teeth remains optimal.

Whitening your teeth often can result in enamel erosion leading to sensitivity and making you prone to tooth decay.

If you desire brighter and whiter teeth, an optimal technique is to maintain excellent dental hygiene practices by brushing and flossing your teeth as recommended by dentists, limiting or avoiding pigmented foods and beverages, and getting routine dental checkups to ensure your teeth are cleaned and polished. However, if your teeth have discolored, you mustn’t consider any whitening treatments unless you seek advice from your dentist to determine whether the treatment suits your needs appropriately.

If you have discolored teeth and want to brighten them, Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc., provides professional teeth whitening treatments in Los Angeles. Kindly schedule an appointment with this practice to determine whether you are eligible for professional teeth whitening and receive the treatment from them.

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