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For most things, the timing is everything! This could hold true to even getting your teeth straightened, even if at a later time in life. There are many patients that are older in age that tend to shy away from the thought of traditional braces. Traditional braces mean a mouth full of metal from anything between months and years, something most adults are unwilling or unable to commit to. That’s where clear plastic solutions such as ClearCorrect come in!

What is the ClearCorrect Technology?

ClearCorrect near me is often associated with the treatment type that Invisalign also utilizes; although they are not exactly the same, they do offer the same benefits over traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces are known for being unsightly and sometimes even painful, but the technology in ClearCorrect allows the patient to wear a clear plastic tray in order to gradually move their teeth into a more ideal position.

You can get your aligners from any dentist near me who provides this service. You can visit our dentist in Los Angeles for professional guidance or advice. If you are one of those people who are always working from Monday to Friday, you should try seeing a dentist near you who opens on Saturdays and offers this restorative service.

How Does This Technology Work?

In order to get ClearCorrect in Los Angeles, CA, it is important to find a provider that offers this particular type of alignment system. Next, an evaluation is needed to make sure whether or not you’re a good candidate for clear aligners or not.

Our dentist 90027 will then take photos and x-rays of your teeth using a scanner or getting impressions of your full teeth to submit the proper prescription into the ClearCorrect facility. Finally, the ClearCorrect treatment is solely left to you. A doctor will periodically check the progress of the alignment of your teeth, but it is extremely important to wear them for at least 22 hours a day to ensure that the treatments are working in an efficient and effective way.

Find Out If ClearCorrect is Right For You

In order to know for sure whether or not ClearCorrect is the solution to your misalignment problems, the best decision you can make now is taking the steps to contact your local dentist near you or an orthodontist specialist. At Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc in Los Angeles, CA, we would love the opportunity to introduce you to cosmetic or restorative dentistry solutions that can make your life that much better! Don’t wait; give our dentist in Echo Park, a call today! To avoid inconveniencing patients who are ever-busy, we have an experienced dentist open on Saturday near me to address the needs of people from Silver Lake, Echo Park, Elysian Heights, Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip, and all other neighboring places.

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