Dental Bridges in Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve recently lost your teeth, it would be best to start looking into teeth replacement options. Unaddressed tooth loss leads to long-term complications, including bone atrophy or bite collapse, bite problems, speech problems as well as low self-confidence.

For patients seeking a long-term or permanent solution, dental bridges are a viable option. Dental bridges consist of pontic or false teeth that are suspended between two dental crowns or another type of support framework, as is the case with Maryland-bonded bridges. Dental bridges are called so because they “bridge” the gap created by missing teeth.

If you’re searching for a leading, patient-centric dental practice that provides dental bridges near you, look no further than Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc. Our highly skilled and experienced dentist will help you overcome your tooth loss woes so that you can smile confidently again.

Types of Dental Bridges

These are the four categories of dental bridges that every dentist near me will offer: traditional dental bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland-bonded bridges, and implant-supported bridges.

Traditional dental bridges consist of pontic teeth suspended in between two crowns. These dental crowns are bonded to the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Cantilever bridges feature a crown on only one side of the gap.

Maryland-bonded bridges are supported by a framework of metal or porcelain wings that go on the lingual side of the teeth. Also known as resin-bonded bridges, these restorations are best suited for the front teeth.

Implant-supported bridges are dental bridges that are held in place by artificial or titanium tooth roots. Implant-supported bridges are ideal for cases where a patient wants to forego the use of their natural teeth for support. Individuals who have suffered significant tooth loss and don’t have enough teeth to support dental bridges may also opt for implant-supported dental bridges in Los Angeles, CA.

What to Expect

For implant-supported dental bridges, dental implant surgery is the first step of treatment. After this procedure, our dentist in Los Angeles will allow you several months of healing before attaching the dental bridges.

For other types of dental bridges, our dentist 90027, CA, will prepare your teeth by reshaping the support or abutment teeth to make room for the dental crowns near me. After this, the dentist takes dental impressions and shares these with the dental lab.

The dental lab makes custom dental bridges that are then cemented permanently in place during your subsequent appointment, thus revealing your brand-new, confident, gap-free smile.

Please don’t allow missing teeth to ruin your oral health or your confidence. With so many teeth replacement options available, you’d be amiss to let yourself walk around with gaps in your smile.

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