Smile Makeovers in Los Angeles, CA 

Are you interested in learning about a few of the many procedures that can be performed by our dentist in Los Angeles to help you achieve the smile makeover that you’ve been hoping to find? If so, please keep reading to learn how the multi-specialty dental team at Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc, can perform treatments to provide you with a top-tier smile makeover near you.

The Most Popular Treatment

Without a doubt, the most popular smile makeover treatment from our dentist 90027, Los Angeles, CA, is professional teeth whitening. Unlike over-the-counter products that frequently over-promise and under-deliver in their effectiveness, our dentist at Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc, will use professional-grade whitening materials to ensure you receive a brighter smile without having to worry about over-use of over-the-counter products, which often damages the enamel of your teeth.

If you are in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Elysian Heights, Hollywood Hills, or Sunset Strip and you have an important event coming up in the next few weeks and no longer want to gamble on the brightness of your smile, we invite you to make an appointment now with our dentist and team for teeth whitening near you.

Dental Veneers for Quick Alignment

Do you have a few crooked or misaligned teeth but don’t want to wait the amount of time required for aligner therapy to work? Then make sure you ask us about dental veneers as a part of your smile makeover when visiting our dental crowns near me. In as little as two appointments, our dental care team will be able to correct the appearance of crooked or misaligned teeth with dental veneers in Los Angeles, CA. Another benefit of veneers beyond their quick treatment time is that with proper care, they can last upwards of 15 years. If you have work to attend to on weekdays, you can choose to visit a dentist near you open on Saturday to find out if you make the perfect candidate for teeth veneers.

Missing a Tooth? No Problem at Rosemarie Quimson-Cruz, DMD, Inc

As a premier multi-specialty dentist in Echo Park, our dentist, who opens on Saturday near me, can provide you with a number of treatment options to choose from if you’re missing a tooth, irrespective of what day it may be. These include a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture. When you visit us for smile makeovers in Los Angeles, CA, we’ll design a treatment plan for your tooth replacement that works best for your lifestyle, timeline, and budget.

So Much More

There are many other general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures that a certified dentist near me can use to custom design your smile makeover. Learn about them by making an appointment using our convenient online booking tool.

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